Career After Sport

Career Planning Guidelines To Help You Move On

For many professional athletes, the idea that their sporting days won’t last forever is too unpleasant to bear. Consequently, they’re caught off guard when their playing careers finally end. They’re left feeling empty and unable to find new jobs, much less careers that fulfill them.

This definitive guide will show you how to successfully transition from professional sports into a new career you love. Whether you’ve come to retirement suddenly or have been expecting it for years, this book is your ticket to future success.

Career After Sport Book Cover

Comprising a series of targeted exercises, this book will help you:

discover what you really want in life and how to get it
identify your strengths and transferable skills
understand the world of work
build a support and professional network
set tangible goals for your future.
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“Julie has been working with my athletes over the last few years, preparing them for life after sport. Julie is very knowledgeable about career transition, knowing how to prepare athletes both emotionally and practically for what comes next.  I am convinced that this book, which will make available her career planning methods to a much wider audience, will be an invaluable resource to any athlete facing transition out of sports.”