Who is it for?

The Athlete Career Transition Programme is for you if you’re an athlete planning to retire 2-3 years from now or already facing retirement. The earlier you start, the better.
The Athlete Career Transition Programme will give you the tools you need to move on:
⇒ Confidence
⇒ Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
⇒ Working out what motivates you
⇒ Help you identify opportunities to find fulfilling work
⇒ A chance to test your ideas
⇒ Training you to use your network
⇒ Preparing you for interviews
⇒ Emotional support

How does it work?

Your career is your responsibility, but a qualified, experienced career coach will empower you by offering support, attention, time, skill and structure. You’ll become more self-aware and self-confident – crucial to the ability to make the right career choice, when faced with a career transition or difficult situation.

The Career Planning Programme consists of an initial interview followed by a series of career coaching sessions tailored to your needs (usually between 60 and 90 minutes at a time) – either in person or via Skype.

NOTE: Your progress will depend on the amount of effort you put into the programme, including completing the homework exercises we set during sessions

Know where you want to go

In your sports career you always had a goal, whether it was to win the next match or to become Olympic champion.

Outside of sport goals are vital too. Whether it is in the workplace to define and measure your objectives or outside of work to build your resilience and help you bounce back in the face of setbacks, goal setting works.

I’ll help you identify clear and specific goals with deadlines for achieving them.

Have a plan

Finding opportunities takes time and energy.

When thinking about your next job, you may feel scared or uncertain and you may be easily influenced by what family and friends say.

I will be an objective sounding board to help you identify future opportunities, test whether your ideas are realistic and build your confidence to allow you to push your boundaries.

We’ll work on building the right support network to enable you to cast your net as wide as possible to help you find new roles.

Prepare for working life

I’ll help you prepare for the job application process, including polishing your CV to highlight your transferable skills and practicing your interviewing techniques.

The transition from sports career to a ‘normal’ job can be a bit of a culture shock.
I’ll help you navigate and build the resilience and confidence to deal with these culture changes.

At the end of the Athlete Career Transition Programme, we’ll have reviewed all the skills you need to help you move on confidently and successfully to the next phase of your life.

The cost

You invested money and time in your sports career. This is no different. The Athlete Career Transition Programme is an investment in your future.

The cost will depend on your needs, so contact me today for an informal chat and a quote.

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