Career After Sport: Career Planning Guidelines to Help You Move On

I worked for the International Olympic Committee from 1982 to 1986 and had the pleasure of attending both the Sarajevo Winter Olympics as well as the Los Angeles Summer Games in 1984. I witnessed the tremendous highs of Olympic athletes fulfilling their lifelong goals. And I saw first-hand the disappointment experienced by those athletes who fell short, whose years of training, determination, and hard work resulted in crushed dreams.

But whether athletes achieve their dreams or not, when the Olympic flame is extinguished at the end of the games, the dying embers of the flame signify for many the start of a challenging journey into the unknown. And this is not just limited to Olympic athletes. For all professional athletes, whatever their sport and wherever they compete, they are all faced with similar concerns upon retirement from sport.

My own career journey took me away from sport into the corporate world, where I worked in human resources. I grew to understand the demands of the business world and spent many years supporting companies and their employees in their quest for excellence. But I never forgot the world of sport. Frequently I would read stories in the press of a former sporting star fallen on hard times. And I began to wonder how I could help.

Putting pen to paper, I started writing down what I knew about tough transitions and the world of employment. I used the information gathered from years of work, study, and research in order to produce a document that, I hope, will serve as a useful resource for people contemplating life after sport. This book combines the information gained from my own business experience, from my own tough career transition, from research in the fields of sports psychology and positive psychology as well as from many aspects of life and executive coaching to provide a framework to help athletes succeed in their life after sport.

Whether you are a professional athlete, uncertain of what the future holds, or already retired and seeking direction, this book will provide you with an excellent basis to start your search for meaning and purpose for life after sport. If you are a partner or spouse of an athlete, it will give you an overview of the concerns your partner may be facing and, if you are also unsure of your own future, it will provide concrete exercises to get you thinking about your own next goal.

Transition out of sport can be challenging. Advance preparation is very helpful. This book will serve as your stepping stone to life after sport. So start your journey of discovery now.

Career After Sport: Career Planning Guidance to Help You Move On is now available on Amazon.


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