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Personal And Professional Philosophy

During an interview last month for an online blog, the interviewer asked me “what would you like to have on your headstone?” Immediately, without taking any time to reflect, I replied “she cared”. I believe that this phrase sums up my personal and professional philosophy perfectly.

The desire to facilitate my clients’ personal development is woven deep into the fibre of my being.

It is my firm belief that by treating people with empathy, non-judgement and respect, you can really make a difference. You can help them help themselves. Moreover, by harnessing each person’s individual resources, lives can be changed and dreams fulfilled.

Using a diverse array of methods in line with client needs – ranging from in-depth discussions, psychometric tests, self-report questionnaires and even hypnotherapy – I work together with my clients, helping them gain better self-awareness and understanding in order to get the life they want.


“Career After Sport: What next?”

“The importance of career management”

Happiness Revisited

“Life After Sport: What Next?

Julie Schladitz: Happiness Revisited – Its place, form and impact on all aspects of our lives
Julie Schladitz: Happiness Revisited – Happiness and Strategies to Succeed – Practically!

Life after sport - what next?

The transition out of sport can be particularly problematic. Together with two former professional footballers from the UK, I was recently interviewed to discuss the issues that many athletes face at retirement and what can be done to make the transition easier.

Career After Sport

Career Planning Guidelines To Help You Move On

For many professional athletes, the idea that their sporting days won’t last forever is too unpleasant to bear. Consequently, they’re caught off guard when their playing careers finally end. They’re left feeling empty and unable to find new jobs, much less careers that fulfill them.

This definitive guide will show you how to successfully transition from professional sports into a new career you love. Whether you’ve come to retirement suddenly or have been expecting it for years, this book is your ticket to future success.

Comprising a series of targeted exercises, this book will help you:
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Professional Bio

Julie Schladitz was born and educated in England and currently lives and works in Switzerland, specialising in professional development. Julie has a Masters in Organisational Psychology, is a qualified career and executive coach and is also a trained hypnotherapist and mindfulness trainer.

Julie has worked in a variety of positions in the intersecting worlds of sports and business for over three decades, including a stint at the International Olympic Committee along with senior HR roles at a variety of international corporations.

Her work brings her into contact with a wide range of people including company executives, individuals wishing to reorient their professional career at midlife, clients preparing for retirement and athletes searching for a sense of meaning at the end of their sporting career.

Through her in-depth knowledge of the world of work and her understanding of the numerous challenges any transition will bring, Julie helps her clients gain an overview of their situation and empowers them to make choices that lead to success.

Julie speaks fluent English, French and German and is currently learning Russian.

Julie is all about helping people re-discover themselves and focus their energies into developing hidden strengths that have long been dormant.

Julie is passionate about well-being and the effect of workplace stress on mental health.


“Julie has been working with my athletes over the last few years, preparing them for life after sport. Julie is very knowledgeable about career transition, knowing how to prepare athletes both emotionally and practically for what comes next.  I am convinced that this book, which will make available her career planning methods to a much wider audience, will be an invaluable resource to any athlete facing transition out of sport.”


“I had the good fortune to be coached by Julie shortly after I had a major career change and was dealing with new senses of identity. Julie’s starting position is to be open and curious and I felt she was genuinely interested in me and my experiences. Non-judgemental and with no agenda she gently created the space for me to explore and connect with my own shadow beliefs and supported me while I recognised my own blocks. Julie has a passion for her work and for making a difference and comes from a place of authenticity and credibility. I am very pleased I know her.” 

Trevor Horne, ex-Leader and Trainer, Royal Navy, United Kingdom

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Julie during a career transition from Senior Management in a corporate setting to a successful Consultancy while balancing my family life and stress level. Apart from being extremely professional, Julie possesses a real talent for listening and quickly identifying KPIs in her clients. She continuously furthers her own education and applies that knowledge in the form of quick, fun and extremely effective exercises. She is an exceptional listener who identifies ones strengths and/or opportunities very quickly. Thanks to her own wealth of life and professional experience, she comprehends even the most complex of scenarios and is able to navigate through the complexity to provide great clarity. It has been a pleasure to work with Julie and I would recommend her to anyone who may question what the next chapter in his/her life; both professionally as well privately.”

Paula Schulman Günther, business executive, Netherlands