Life after sport: what next?

At the start of this year, who could have predicted the dramatic events that would unfold in 2020? As we celebrated enthusiastically the start of a new decade, I don’t think anyone could have imagined the traumatic impact the Covid-19 pandemic would have on our world just a few months later. Our lives have changed forever.

And what about sport? We have seen postponement of major sporting events such as the Tokyo Olympic Games, the UEFA Euro 2020 and Wimbledon. The 2020 sporting calendar has been decimated with cancellation upon cancellation of major events with no one able to say for certain when “normality” will return.

In this climate of uncertainty, you may be asking yourself what happens next. Not just looking to the continuation of your sporting career, but afterwards. Do you have a plan for life after sport?

Retiring from playing sport professionally can be overwhelming. Preparation is key. As an athlete you wouldn’t dream of approaching a game or performance without a plan. In the same way, you now need to plan and prepare for life after sport.  Career Transition Workbooks have been developed specifically with this in mind. With a series of targeted exercises, they will help with everything from developing your self-identity and marketable job skills to finding support and building a professional network to make the change easier.

Here is a three-step process to help you manage your transition:

  • STEP 1: Download the FREE Career Transition Questionnaire. Your responses will reveal your key concerns and will indicate the right workbooks for your progression.
  • STEP 2: Based on your answers, choose the Workbooks that will address your needs.
  • STEP 3: Subscribe to a monthly package that includes all the workbooks AND personal coaching from Julie.

Don’t leave your future up to chance. Download the FREE workbook NOW and discover how you can plan for an easier retirement.

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Are you ready for life after sport?

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